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Sunday, January 3

@Africa Matters – am I doing it right?

Well kids, seeing as it's now 2010, I figured it's time for Africa Matters to catch up with the fads of 2007, and so this blog will now be 'tweeting.' Honestly, I can't for the life of me understand what the purpose of 'Twitter' is, or even how it really works, but it seems to be what people are doing, and I'm never one to miss a bandwagon.

For the foreseeable future, AM's 'Twitter' will consist only of post and news-feed headlines. If I figure out what else you're supposed to do there (I think it has something to do with Ashton Kutcher?), then maybe I'll, ya know, do that too. Clearly, it was my New Year's resolution to get this blog up and running again—but if content falls off, I might have to resort to this.

Anyway, thanks, as always, for reading. Please follow us on the 'Twitter,' if you'd like:

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Ha, so, apparently, I didn't do it right. When this post showed up on Twitter, the headline was an actual link (didn't intend that), to 'Africa'—whoever that is. I'll have to work on my Twitterquette.