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Thursday, April 12

Darfur roundup

NOTE: Starting today, I will be providing a somewhat daily roundup of news on the Darfur conflict and the hot air blowing around it.

A group of Rwandan AU troops was attacked on Tuesday, with one killed. Seventeen AU troops have now been killed since the mission deployed in 2004, 7 of them in the past month. Aid workers have stopped traveling with AU convoys for fear of being targeted.

China’s Assistant Foreign Minister urged Sudan to accept a peacekeeping force but warned against American and British proposals to impose sanctions. The US said yesterday it will wait several weeks to allow time for more negotiation before imposing new sanctions. US Darfur envoy Andrew Natsios announced the decision at a Senate hearing, where Senators including Joseph Biden and Ben Cardin criticized the administration’s stalling. South African President Thabo Mbeki is also visiting Khartoum and Juba to discuss Darfur among other things.

Meanwhile, the LA Times takes a look at divestment efforts in the US.